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Warcloud - Lost Soldier of Wu-Tang lyrics

[Intro: Warcloud] Warcloud formerly known as Holocaust Representing for the West Coast Underground I'd like to give a call of Allah Truth Shout of to the Deep Space Nine 'Cause Wu-Tang will always Triumph Wu-Tang will always Triumph Warcloud/Holocaust [Warcloud] The yard was full of Elephant Men, I kicked the jukebox Strangled you in a park that night, I came with two glocks Clapping through, loop shots, sling shot and bust them Get that ass, bust sterling gat never mistrust them It's like Lou Gehrig's disease, he pulled the gun out A mind quite seriously the falling stone uniform Stomp the upper toilet, dawn firing range of rage Roid rage, gat bust, act up you will get smacked up Power will be arise to Lexington to one of the British A defeated Washington retreats across to Delaware Never in my heart congress markets that's legal Meet Trembling Eagle, two Desert Eagles in war paint Homemade by war heads, pharmaceutical numeral Your famous funeral, air fortress fearless Frontiers sauna from the facility of the flesh fossils And folklores of flexible, fluorescent, furious future Forgive fatal Foot Soldier's flag force Faculty fade away, first class Faberge fabric Fanatic foes in formula flow Forever force freaks fancy foreigners Afford to fall behind is to fall asleep, fierce fiery flight fleet Bludgeon flawlessly ferociously fluctuates frightening fantasy Unforgiven forbidden fugitive's flamboyant flashback fiasco Fathom 4th of July fable, his worst thought, final photosynthesis Folk of the feedback board The skill of sword or fighting with the fist Flossy, flashy, festering far fog mount face breaker Flaming flying famous Frankenstein factory, vocals on coastalWarcloud - Lost Soldier of Wu-Tang - http://motolyrics.com/warcloud/lost-soldier-of-wu-tang-lyrics.html

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