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Warcloud - Falling Hammer lyrics

[Intro: Warcloud]
Warcloud, West-Coast Wu-Tang Clan
Dirty hammer drop, the dirty hammer drop

[Chorus 2X: Warcloud]
Dirty hammer drop, door knocker, funeral rose
Cross-cut saw, play dead, the bone breaker
Tooth-fairy sleeper hold, dark greeting stay gun-wise
Wolf bite, falling tree, old tequila sunrise

Welcome to the bunk house, jewelry in the sound
I'm laying on the roof with no skin from the top downWarcloud - Falling Hammer - http://motolyrics.com/warcloud/falling-hammer-lyrics.html
Watching old Mickey Mouse cartoons, I'm grim
There's a broad with a cocktail dress inside my pen
I'm William Make's body, the look of John Merrick
I play Alison who turned to back Eric
Dwelling in the pueblo, setting my dirty guns down
Look out for the cat in the box, we go to fun town
Poets better shush or get mushed, my gun blaow you
Dazzling diamonds, sparkling values
Will favorite value, punch you until you splatter
Jump up and punch a hole in the moon, watch it shatter
Be he live or be he dead, I'll grind his bones to make bread


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