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Warcloud - Vampire Kung-Fu lyrics

[Intro: Warcloud] Warcloud, alias Alcatraz Fuck your bitch in the graveyard late night like Pretty Wolf They catch your madness power, watching Elviro, will it vanish early Crack your head with a Wu-Tang bat My ancestors spoke the Iroquoian language That is Cherokee, some spoke in Muskogee That is chalk to all your weak niggas chichoco Stupid Tenderfoot, I gut your brain with a hook Stupid Tenderfoot, I gut your brain with a hook [Chorus 2X: Warcloud] Came to kill the champ there ain't even nobody with you Heavy blade kiss you, the SuperPatriot century Son you move noisily, box office the 'Gun Play' Old Legend of Dead Horse, dirty Wu 'Vampire Kung-Fu' [Warcloud] I live in a hollowed out asteroid it's Warcloud Better living through circuitry, Palaeolithic surgery Half man, half planet Mercury, I hurt MC's One day it rained and then people began to melt Assassination, I sent an agent in a nation of Masons To slay a third of Earth's population from vindication A dirty helicopter, my blades are my swords When it descends upon you the sound of a zillion chariots 'Nightmare Room', old truth 'cause this is scariest And every island fled away and the mountains were not found Shadowless zombie swordsmen, chills Swoop up on you and launch your head in the hills Sword mechanic tragic, mastermind Jurassic Laughing out lumber, leave you bloody construction yards Shattered spirit shields with lyric fields Of one armed Ghost Samurai from the past that murdered ungodly The thunder struck oddly, I blast a dusty shotty Freak gazed hideous, slump your carcass the prettiest Angry wood cutters, soda fish, motion switch Blizzard kicks brain, sound waves and astounds slaves Dirty mull and meat market massacre, mirage Crash like the 'Hammer of the Gods' and leave you lodged Under heavy doors explore these warlords Mystic paradise, my axe closet with shovels in it Nine million ninjas fall on you with lightsabers Cannibalistic neighbours, 'Ghost Pirates' and heartless raiders 'Old Gator Man' who is seldom seen He lives in a cave made of moths with dusty wings [Chorus 2X] [Warcloud] 'Odds Against Tomorrow', we sat at separate tables With rats the size of rhinoceros in the stables The silly old man went and hung himself with a cable They found him with his shoes on the wrong foot, a fable The skinny little pimp had cut her face with a straight razor Girl from the gutter, I murdered another We went in 'The Ocean' and we began to argue I left bloody and blood flooded the water Mean man Alcatraz Grey overachieving Leaves in the sunshine, dirty shovels for evening Starsky and Hutch met Cagney & Lacey The bloody old man meat market wasn't hasty The rhyme was kind of pasty, great like Yogi Berra While Arab Nomads pitched their tents in the Sahara He had lit cigarettes for eyes Golden unicycles, seals playing harmonicas I laugh as I smoke on the hillside Gun in the grass, get at me and we can still ride I might sip a beer at Muldoon's Saloon The man who left cigar smoke throughout the room Straighten niggas up like the Clan, we witty black skinheads Pissing in mugs, bury whore in your nigga graveyard Your happiness is a love jewel, Hell jewel and right jewel Bite through, twice cruel, bite, snipe you on a mic duel Seduced by madness and gathering madness in the mouth of madness Outstanding madness, candlelit madness, lucrative fugitive A hungry nation now, now nation or end cycle 'Smugglin' Booze in the Graveyard' with a rifle Might full, delightful, tossed vital collateral force, lost soldier Glitchy explosion, pitfall, Alcatraz 'Jigsaw Puzzle' I'll snuff you [Chorus 2X] [Outro: Warcloud] Warcloud My raps is like zoo books in the dark with misfits Twist tank barrels in the bowl, send them for ChristmasWarcloud - Vampire Kung-Fu - http://motolyrics.com/warcloud/vampire-kung-fu-lyrics.html

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