Young The Giant

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  • Sameer Gadhia
  • Eric Matthew Cannata
  • Jacob John Tilley
  • Francois Paul Comtois
  • Ehson Hashemian
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Young The Giant - Garands lyrics

Go bright light
Scour the forest
Through the night
Searching for a
Sign of life
Memories of fears and strife
Keep his legs from
Turning blue
Broken bones and muddy shoes
Running through the fields I knew
Join the ranks of the favored few

What have I become?
Before the day is done
Now that we have

Got what's left
Lost my rights when I was young
Taken by the
Ones I trust Young The Giant - Garands -
Long before I knew of love

All the things I understood
Fighting for the greater good
Now tell me why this feels so wrong
Feels so wrong, to hold this gun

Now look what I've become
Before the day is done
Now that we have won

The cold wind, you notice
The sky
It blows in to show us
The sign
It falls down before us
It lies
The cold wind, you notice
My eyes

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