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  • Lambert
  • Al Sherrod / Samuels
  • Harmony David / Brown
  • David
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Youthful Praise - Say Yes lyrics

So You Struggle In The Way
You Feel As Though With Christ There's No Way
Struggle There's No Pain
But God He Knows The Path You Take
It Is He Who Has Ordained
Some Strugges And Some Pain

He Just Wants To Know If You'll
Give Up Your Will For His Will
Will You Give Up Your Ways For His Ways
Will You Trust And Obey Come What May
Will You Tell God Yes
Youthful Praise - Say Yes -
Say Yes To His Way
God's Way Is The Best Way For You
Yes I'll Go
Yes Lord Show
Yes Me The Way
Yes That's What I Say
Yes There's A Lesson To Learn
Yes Even Through The Storm
Yes I'll Be Blessed

Everybody Say Yes!

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