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Darwin Hobbs - Mercy album
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Darwin Hobbs - Wonderland lyrics

[Verse 1:]
Come on in and enter as a child,
you'll always wear a smile,
love and laughter here all the while.

The flag of salvation waves around,
freedom here abounds,
the joy in the sound calls my name;
oh that day...

I know my heart is free in Wonderland,
and it's all because of You, my Lord.
And all my eyes can see in Wonderland,
everyday a sunny day.

[Verse 2:]
Leave behind your shame and you disgrace,
here they have no place ,
you will wear the garment of His grace.

The rising sun will never set again,Darwin Hobbs - Wonderland - http://motolyrics.com/darwin-hobbs/wonderland-lyrics.html
sorrow's at its end
and every word that's spoken,shout, "Amen";
take me there.


Everyday's a world of peace,
peace flows like a river through me, hmm.

I'm home, home, home
and I won't ever leave, hmm.

Ooh, ooh, oh.
Oh, oh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh;
call my name to this place.




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