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Darwin Hobbs - Mercy album
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Darwin Hobbs - You're The One lyrics

I've seen Your mighty works and there is no doubt
Like the time You raised my life up from the grave
You'd think that I'd be cook by now
But I am still amazed
At each and every time
You do what You do
I'm in awe of You
No one comes close
Exceeding above all I ask or I think
Above my expectations
You outdo everything
No one else like You
And when I say this I'm done
Lord, I'm simply saying that
You're the one

With You I can defeat and conquer each foe
Without You I am a disaster from head to toeDarwin Hobbs - You're The One - http://motolyrics.com/darwin-hobbs/youre-the-one-lyrics.html
I find it's better when to You I just yield
I find the rest I need when I am in Your will

I can't find no one, no one like You
Nobody else comes through
This is the honest truth
Nobody else
When I needed a fortress
You were my strong tower
All I'm simply saying is that
You're the one,
You're the one

You are, You are
You are, You are
You are, You are
And I heard all the people say

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