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Delirious? - Touch album
  • James Phillips
  • Sean Garrett
  • Craig Love
  • La Marquis Jefferson
  • Jonathan H Smith
  • Amerie Mi Marie Rogers
  • Rock
  • christian
  • christian rock
  • contemporary christian
  • worship
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Delirious? - Touch lyrics


I, I want to know you
I want to show you I'm forever yours
And now, another day is dawning
Another page is turning here
For everyone to see

Yes I'm on my knees
'Cause I love you
And when you touch my life
I've been born again,
I am born again
And when you touch my life
I've been born again
I am born again
Delirious? - Touch -
I'll shine like the heavens
Shine with the words of life
Light up my way
So please deliver me from walking
Beyond the truth that called me here
I'm not ashamed today

I've been torn again,
The curtain's been torn again

Written by Martin SmithStuart Garrard 2000 Curious? Music UK
(Lyrics rewritten since the original version appeared on the DeEPer EP)

Taken From:

Album: Touch (US), Access:d
Single: DeEPer EP (Original version)

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