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Fred Hammond - Thoughts of Love lyrics

Verse 1
You allowed your love to shower me.
When I deserve it least.
Your grace and mercy, my shelter from the storm.
And through the night till light appears.
You cause me to sleep peacefully.
And bring rest upon my weary heart.

Most have longed for a love I've been searching.
Love that won't ever leave me or hurt me.
All the time for me you were calling.
Now in love with you I have fallen.
Just to know you Lord is amazing.
Can't believe my life is worth saving.
Offering your joy overflowing.
Melody of love you are singing.

Verse 2
At my best, I'm wrong, I'm torn, I'm frail.
But your love builds me up.
Always in need of your heartbeat.
Cover me.
So with my passion sings this praise for all.
I'm offering a greatful heart.
as the tears fall down with thoughs of love.
Fred Hammond - Thoughts of Love -
Here's my hearts devotion (I'm offering my)
Sweet an emotion (I'm telling you why)
I'm so very greatful.
With each breath i'm breathing.
Savior Lord, and King.
Keeper of my being.
My loving Father so faithful and true.
More than life to me.
I adore you.

Drive 2
Your love, the love you have for me is unexplainable.
The serinade of praise.
When Your presence fills this place.
I'm chasing after You.
And my heart is thirsty for you.
You always fill me.

Da da da da da da..................

Just to know you Lord is amazing.
I still can't believe my life was worth saving.
I'm offering the this greatful heart.
As the tears fall down with thoughts of love.

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