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Kierra Sheard - You Don't Know lyrics

[VERSE 1:]
I can remember my mother told me
Don't let no one speak for me
When it comes down to His blessings
No one can give Him praise for me but me [CHANNEL:]
Just trust God
He'll always come through for you
Yes He will (I know, I know that)
I believe, cause my eyes have seen what
Miracles He can do, mountains that He can move
All things are possible through Him
I'm tellin you! [CHORUS:]
You don't know
The blessings that He's given me, you don't know
Like I know
Even if I had a thousand tongues, I'd need moreKierra Sheard - You Don't Know -
You should know
What He's done for me, He can do for you
You can tell it, let me tell you
What the Lord has done for me! [CHORUS 2:]
Now let me tell you 'bout what He did for my mother
And at the same time took a load off me
Just when the doctor said that is was over
My God He stepped right in and gave her back to me [BRIDGE:]
He's delviered me
Out of hopeless situations (situations)
And the devil used (used to try to break me)
(But here I stand as) A living testimony
All those who's trustin' Him
Put all your faith in Him
They will never be
Defeated or cheated out of the victory!

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