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Solomon Childs - Corporate America lyrics

[Intro: Solomon Childs]
Uh-huh, what up Bless?
I'mma keep sending them to you, baby
Ray Die-zee, politician man

[Chorus 2X: Solomon Childs]
Corporate America, top of the world
The plan is to get back, the plan is to be strong
And last long in this Corporate America

[Solomon Childs]
Off the record I promote violence
Type of music that get you killed from the words that you muttered
Come across like a right cross, and you get head bunted
I live amongst crimes and criminals
Subliminals who wanna be high powered & high blooded
They say the jails is overflooded
From Honduras to the Florida Keys with key money
Air tight Willie and me, here to distort
And it's all in your voice money, and you laughing
Or with this spice, I left my house in plasma rock
This police kept me marshalls and cock blocked
Try'nna eat, I'm getting as fat as Jill Scott
Strugglin', in and out of jail is a cold art
Compose the ghetto like I was Mozart
A talent like mine, that's how the drama startSolomon Childs - Corporate America -
Nuthing to gain.. you hear, that's how the drama start

[Chorus 2X]

[Solomon Childs]
I'm De La Soul, watch me plug one
Plug two, burgundy spots on my bulletproof
Funeral time, pull out the black suits
Give it up for ratchet city, never met Fat Joe
But me and my mans'll still run Trizzy
We thug affiliates official, blow up shop for shizzle
Won't have the Tyrone to miss you
I'm at the ultimate point of the game; money
And it's funny; cuz music attract high rolling
A&R's wonder why I spit so hard, look God, I'm broke
And momma had a stroke, and I'm a third time affendit
Shorties think I'm a big spender, I tell 'em slow down
Lead your own life, because mines you wouldn't wanna enter
Bullet holes in the front of my fender
Jealousy, could beside cats in my projects
And I'm wondering if the God's next...

[Chorus 2X]

[Outro: Solomon Childs]
Yo, Bless, I'mma politic it out for you baby...

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