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Solomon Childs - Rap Star lyrics

[Intro: Solomon Childs *singing a capella*]
If I could (yeah), I'd like to be (huh), a great big rap star (yeah)
B Q B N F D R (yeah)
Hear my music bumpin' in your car (aight, that shit would be proper)
Mad money, and jewelery (yeah), a big new fancy car (ha ha ha)
I'd do it all if I could be a rap star like you (get money baby)

{*beat kicks in*}

[Break: Solomon Childs]
Ha ha ha, word up, ha ha ha, yeah
Yeah, this right here, yeah yeah, this one right here
I'ma dedicate this one to the money, ha ha ha
And that's.. and that's it, the money, the money, the money

[Solomon Childs]
Since my younger days of Salt N' Pepa radio plays
The Daddy Kane's and the LL Cool J's
The Kid Capri's and the Bugsi's
A bunch of young dudes beatboxin in the public schools
In mama's eyes, we was all fools
Michael Jackson dancin at the barbeques
Crackheads lip-synchin New Edition on the avenues
Nana's cigarette butts floatin in the warm Beck's
No Atari, just a broken Vetrex
Seems like yesterday, we was kickin it in my cousin's room
Crumbs of Corn Pops in the box, I assume
My fam, poverty crews
I was nappy headed, on my arm - work them bubble gum tatoos, watchin cartoonsSolomon Childs - Rap Star -
E'ybody squeezin to the front of the bed
Never fought though, "Make room for your cousins", mama always said
Me and papi, drinkin evaporated milk, eatin cold cornbread
Arguements over cartoon shows, Growing Pains
I was in the next room watchin Soul Train
Since I was young, my word is bond
I sworn if I got on, I'd make music with my mouth like BizMarkie
Plus the +Leather+ I rock would be +Tougher Than+ Run and DMC's
The goal - eat, sleep, and talk rap - to make bodies move
'Bout the time I believed I'd marry Sheila E. after watchin Krush Groove
Many nights went to bed, Christopher William style dreamin
Refuse to inherit my family demon
Uncles on my mama's side was reefer steamin
While uncles on papa's side was crack beamin
Mama always gave good advice (right)
"Baby never mess wit a girl who ain't 'bout a buck
And if you see a white rose, then baby it's good luck"
And if it's your hood or not, you hear shots - you better duck
Nevertheless, this is takin over boss
Million dollar rap floss
Solomon Childs trenchrunners on the front of The Source (what, what, what, what?)

[Outro: Solomon Childs]
Right, ha ha
Yo, it's like I'm doin this for me and, and the money
Ha ha ha ha ha, you know what I'm talkin 'bout?
I mean, I don't know it's, you know I mean - Sabrina, where you at?
Nahmean? Ha ha ha ha ha
Where you at? Yo, yo J.R. baby, keep spinnin them man

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