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Solomon Childs - Aggressor lyrics

[Intro: Solomon Childs]
Whoo! Fo' sho'
Louie, help me out baby, come on!
Frank Nitty! Nexus!
The final frontier, come on

[Chorus: Solomon Childs]
It's ya life, is you try'nna be the aggressor
Or will you panic from the pressure
Whether the criminal or street professor
Will you die as a leader, or will you die as the messenger
It's ya life, how you wanna spend it
Or answer this, how ya try'nna live it
Will you die as a leader, or will you die as the messenger

[Solomon Childs]
Niggaz say I walk around like a wild animal
Hispanic version of Anthony Hopkins, Hannibal
Mama raised me to be a gentleman, papa raised me to be a cannibal
20-04, ignite the poison in a nigga heart, flamable
Try to show these bitch ass niggaz loyalty
Put aside the fact, that I was royalty
And done seen everything but Christ
And them niggaz who said, that they coming to kill me
Grew up being told, if there's a will, there's a way
And if you follow the rules, things'll go smooth
But really, who was they try'nna to fool?
Listen, dog, had to learn the hard way
That life ain't easy, and that every man's for self
And majority want bloodshed for one's wealth
Coming up was no extra money for karate classes
So I couldn't be a black belt, but learned how to
Clean and bang a nine millimeter, enough, to have a boulevard melt
From since I was young, shit, they said I was the comingSolomon Childs - Aggressor -
Yo so hijo del dio, I was a prophet then, and I'm a prophet now
So ya'll get ready, cuz the time is now
(Look into my eyes nigga, do I look like I'm playing?)


[Solomon Childs]
This prophecy I'm seeing real figures, so I could raise a school of killas
Solomon Childs, the east coast backdraft
Teach 'em how to count bullets, teach 'em how to calculate math
So papi young town won't jerk 'em, so the labels won't jerk 'em
Put 'em on the trials of life, and think that'll hurt 'em
It's critically acclaimed, might hurt 'em
What's taught when the dogs is out, that the homey gotta work 'em
And when the snakes is out, got a lock on they doors, shake 'em
Shit, they said I was a little wiz
Back when I had a crush on Silvia from Park Hill
And soon they brothers who wopped you had four pen
The motto ain't changed -- kill a nigga 'fore a nigga kill you
On the run from the government's draft, I feel like Ali in his prime
Just gotta be a better phase, money ain't the same in the hood nowadays
I'm watching niggaz watch me, already started to scheme on me
No matter, I'm already starting to scheme on ya'll
Supreme court on my back, baby mother on my back
Niggaz on the block will never me on my back
Nigga, climbin' ya jaw, like when the Black Panthers...


[Outro: Solomon Childs]
What cha gonna do? That's the question
What cha gonna do? Nigga, asking what's really good
It's what you really gonna do, that's what's really popping
Nigga, climbin' your jaw

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