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Solomon Childs - Top Dog lyrics

[Intro: Solomon Childs]
Wuuuuu! Top Dog, Staten Island's First Mixtape
Top Dog, dog, Solomon Childs, exclusive

[Solomon Childs]
R.I.P. to Banky
World premier, Body Brighton/Starlight City
Keith runnin', had the keys to the city
Deluxe thug committee
I can't believe Jeryl in jail
The green weed we inhale
Branded frontin on a nigga, 'preme or bill
Keep the half, son, stop frontin like you knew Un
Solomon, New York's finest, dunn
Who you cats tryin to kid?
Talkin 'bout your guns go off, 99% of the time
You know I know you a coward, 99% of the time
Shoot to kill, kill to shoot with T.M.F.
Now Born Regulators, Wayne Street Killah Mob
Baby Crowns, Staple-town Gladiators
DMD, M.V.P. to Baby Blizz, this for thugs to repeat this
I be forever in the hood like Bontons and Sprites
I'm Hennessey while you fake cats is Bud Light
Love hella right, knowledge of self, the trilogy
Who killed Randy?

[Chorus: Solomon Childs]
We'll always love you Sandy, Sandy

[Interlude: Solomon Childs]
Dedication, you know what this is

[Hook x2: Solomon Childs]
They anticipate your death when you big and you strong
Everybody's your man when you dead and you gone
It's like ice on the hot stove
The way it glide so fly, turn around and it's all gone
Solomon Childs - Top Dog -
[Solomon Childs]
Inspiration, 'Juicy', Notorious B.I.G.
K. Born said to never eat pig
2 Cent taught me always bust back at po-lig
Barry Blue said always have more than one wife and kid
Kilo and Fred G. always stay jig
Ain't that a bitch? One life to live
This is thugged out so don't try to copy
Any means necessary, Clock we gon find them niggaz who killed 'Pac
This is ghetto, who tryin to play me?
Kenny Gunn was so slick, knuckle game, like the God Infinite
Grew up wantin dribble balls like Duke
Grew up wantin to have style like Pooh
Respect, the one and only policy
Raised in Shaolin, crime infested poverty
Long live, silence and Kunta Ke' on the banner
Permission to approach the bench
I'm a shotty rhymer
This has been sponsored by Ron Montana
Again, I wanna know who killed Randy
(Word up)


[Interlude: Solomon Childs]
This is dedication..

[Hook x2]

[Outro: Solomon Childs *during chorus*]
This my son right here, word life
Yeah, bottom line, Staten Island's First Mixtape
And I'm dedicatin it all to all my motherfuckin dogs
who got killed in combat, you feel me?
Or they up North

[Chorus x5 - saying "Sandy" only once each time]

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