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Solomon Childs - Genocide lyrics

[Intro: Solomon Childs]
All eyes is on me now
And finally it's my turn, right?
Long awaited, if not now, when?
The title, yeah, enjoy a classic

[Solomon Childs]
Genocide nigga, the latest hip hop tradition
Live amongst niggaz who done been big
Pop shots and kill po-lig
Body Brighton, know where we is, nigga
Til I die, yell it to you, that I will split you, niggaSolomon Childs - Genocide -
Move like security, penetentiary sneak needs
Military mustard colored fatigues, what you thought dog?
Could of told you, you was out of your league
This a letter to the grieving spots up north
Nine shells up in ya like a pass from Culpepper to Moss
I'm try'nna stay positive, fam, but the blocks, it keeps calling me, fam
Up north with a block, could of called my fam
Halloween thug, this a Krush Groove
Made of ghetto gossip, knowledge on his way home
Gray god got another new Benz this year
See you in the opening throne, genocide, nigga, yeah

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