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Solomon Childs - Together lyrics

[Intro: Solomon Childs]
Yeah, I'm dedicated this
To my man Tony Lovitt, we love you God

[Chorus 2X: Solomon Childs]
Got to blaze in any kinda weather, shed blood together
Ain't no need of thinkin' how we gon' die together
Cuz if we rise together, then we cry try together
Ain't no need of thinkin' how we gon' die together

[Solomon Childs]
This be a theme for the ghetto type, let's talk of underground ghetto nights
Two cats screamin' "the millions" under the projects starlights
Few bags of trees'll leave the T's intrigued
The money schemes, two qualified thoroughbbreads
Blazin' they sixteenth by any means
Takin' over what they may have concerned
Dynamic Duo wit pinata in fur, Kenyatta lookin' to learn
It's Verm, gat will burn, Kenyatta facin' for the life
His lawyers got the case adjourned, we got two gate talkin'
Projects crooks, with plans up by the neighborhood juks
Armored truck breakin' the stack, thickest books
Kenyatta takin' the CREAM, Verm movin' wit caution, Kenyatta bleed for the team
Vern pedigree upon extortion, Kenyatta'll see the seeds scorchin'
Be damned to see us dogs layin' in the coffin
They intense, we like the summer time
We need heat and plus we gotta eat
Not tryin' defeat, inhalin' the chocolate from the Buddha sheet
Plus these cats is gettin' money for too long on these streets
Kenyatta tryin' explain the firm
That if the situation on the table's turned
We gotta stand back to back and watch the toast burn
Cuz if you take a pause, now baby boy, you took a cause
Meanwhile brothas is reminiscin' on how two cats took a loss, what?

[Chorus 2X]

[Solomon Childs]
Quotin' the neighborhood O.G., nigga F.T.
Yo son it ain't even about flashin', words can never move as powerful as actionSolomon Childs - Together -
Kenyatta ready to move, too much time is passin'
Shit, let's go ahead and blaze like an assassin
Burn, I can't see myself hustlin' dumbs
Only thing that's air standin' between me and these lump sums
4:35 got the creep like a possum
Hit the armored truck, get them dreds for an ounce
Kenyatta get the cheese and bounce to get the cars and house
Stash a mill in the couch, it's 4:50
Let's get the money from the city, truck late on arrival
So you know they vexed ready to hit the check acid
So they can start cashin' checks
Plus these dreds is seein' g's from the sales of trees
Not trynna see a 50/50 pie laced wit cheese
Kenyatta jumped on the scene, bringin' the dreds to his knees
So muthafucker if you bold, huh, go 'head and scream
Neighbors in buildings, hit 77 knifes is better clean
Dialin' 9-1-1, alertin' the task force team
Same time burnin' bullets out the beretta skin
Hit an armored truck, God, in the hip
In his pocket lies a fly chrome double clip
Bullets specialty hollow tip, Kenyatta screamin' "here come the 1-2-0"
There, bro, must of had a caprice
On West Street, playin' the low, but at the split minute
When they thought they might of swell win it
Vern was blazed in the chest, guess you can say fools winnin'
It's wise men without vest, now Kenyatta lookin' to uphold and prove
The heater bounced, flag down a gold Benz
Driver nicknamed: "Nascar", bless best friends wit Vern cousin Hest
Kenyatta jumped in and fled the set, son put the metal to the floor we gotta jet
It's for the juks, shit, we done did it
Kenyatta forgettin' the shiesters Nest outta 25 hundred
Nest placed the infrared to Kenyatta head
Put a bullet in his scalp, left Kenyatta for dead
And people wonder why we high, though
Relatin to thugs, runnin' wild in this ghetto (in my hood...)

[Chorus 2X]

[Outro: Solomon Childs]
B-Town, baby!

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