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Solomon Childs - The Campaign lyrics

[Intro: Solomon Childs]
Aiyo D, you know what
They don't really be comin' to Shaolin actin' like they want it
They don't really want it

[Chorus: Solomon Childs]
I'm 'bout the thug where ya checks at?
To ya sweet life, I'mma bring the stress back
For them jewels and them things, plus invest that
Solomon Childs'll move on ya vest cats

[Solomon Childs]
Here comes the ride, reincarnated alumni
Ya whole time livin' a lie, Pillage once again
Correct direction, caught ya frontin' in the high post section
Face off ejection, lockin' it down, bitch runnin' ya town
Lyrics on when ya face millennium pace appeal wit masses
Stole off kids, talk to fast, Colombian gold and brasses
While you and ya mob at the club sippin' champagnes
We underground at the campaign, and body ya red when it rain
Nightmares stay in ya click like Dana Jame, this the man's dream
Cuban Link rugby, you couldn't catch wouldn't fuck wit me
Now I got the pull to plug me, so many playin' fly guy
All ya'll playin' the fly guy, King of New York runnin' this


[Solomon Childs]
Lyrical bulldozer, whilin' like I'm supposed to
Supreme composer, wildcats sware to God, we went to Villanova, Colombian necktie
What up Fly Ty? You shall redeem, press ya butt twice, watch them scream
Get Superb like the Cream Team, eloheim, ear from ear
Dream Team, of the sound like Stetsasonic
Straight live, we found wit Kelly, it's b-bonicsSolomon Childs - The Campaign -
Trench runners, T.M.F. and C-gunnaz
Universal master, to ya heard, B?
I'm next comin' to Flex, so now, ya better call me
My theory is razzle, ya'll can never harm me
I brozzle like Bob Marley, battery in ya back raps, Body Brighton, boulevard black
I'm comin' for real, the industry is soon kneel
I'm gettin' it done, ya'll, wit no rap deal

[Chorus 2X]

[Hook 4X: Solomon Childs]
Ya'll cats ain't crazy frontin'
Actin' ya'll ready to wet somethin, yeah

[Solomon Childs]
Liver than twin gem stars, behind bars
A clip of luxury cars, eyes redder than Mars
Starvin', a whole lot of New York walkin'
And stalkin', cats wit no actions, just a whole lotta talkin'
If it ain't blunts, it's cocktails, Valentine ails
You shoot 'em a rap tales, it's stale
Been doin' mine since river stakes and Sisqo wines
Blowin' holes responsible, for child support
Lyrics overload, what's all the New York's roads
Battin' a thousand like the Montreal Expos
I told you I wasn't playin' (stupid!), I told you about my world

[Chorus 2X]

[Outro: Solomon Childs]
Uh-huh, listen
I'mma tell ya'll one time, and one time only
This is my world, my life, my time
You heard? It's millennium shit

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