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Solomon Childs - Hollywood Actors lyrics

[Intro: Solomon Childs]
No more talking, yeah
I'mma talk to them, first, man
Talk to them, fo' sho
Believe me man

[Solomon Childs]
No more politicking, I'm network channeling
You stick to holding hands, bitch
I stick to manhandling, gun handling
Hustler, nigga, a picture rip a bud, if you rambling
Ain't no future and frontin', like you some kind of killer
We know you was pussy as Nick Cannon
Gun advancing, rachet'll put a hole in ya back with a cannon
Niggaz talking wreckless, putting on shows for street hype
One on one, scared of the fist fight
Talking that I'm on parole, shit, and that's why I don't come out at night
What happens when it comes time for you to growl and bite?
Happens when it comes time for you to bang out?
What happens when you up north, and it comes time for you to shit out?
Or when ya man hit you with the ice pick
From the mess hall, cause the work gotta be put out, haggler
Listen, homey, your man murdered four niggaz down south
And there's a reward, would you have his back?
Or would you tell him how the blood poor
In witness protection, on the concord, nigga

[Chorus 2X: Solomon Childs]
Surrounded by these street life, hollywood actors
These niggaz not gangstasSolomon Childs - Hollywood Actors -
These niggaz not real
Believe me, what I'm tellin' you, dog

[Solomon Childs]
Nexus, and we just put a hole in your system
Listen homey, you don't wanna die a victim
Or live life scared on how punishment will inflict him
On shut down alert, from Staten Island, to BK, to Far Rockaway
Childs, the doctor, yo watch me operate
Fourth quarter in the hole, watch me penetrate
I'm for hire, a proper hammer from state to state
And at this present time and date, I have now been appointed
To have the industry shake, like an uptown chick with a thong
Take, you motherfuckers got issues
So bring ya bitch ass problems to Ricki Lake, for peat's sake
Momma, they done let me in, and there's much money to take
There's just so much a nigga can take
Just so much a nigga can fucking take

[Chorus 2X]

[Outro: Solomon Childs]
That's right, yeah
I'm Staten Island, nigga
Fuck who else is hearing, man
I'm what Staten Island's about, nigga
Beantown, Body Brighton, all day, every day
Broadway and Henderson, jew-els, gleaming
Oh-tray-one, homey

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