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Solomon Childs - You in the Wrong Place lyrics

[Intro: Solomon Childs]
Yeah! Aiyo, Kay Slay!
What's popping homey!
East Side Gangsta! We run New York!
Theodore Unit! The movie, enjoy a classic

[Chorus: Solomon Childs]
You in the wrong place, like you fell down an avalanche
Into a wolf pack, and your legs crumbled
You in the wrong place, like your plane blew up
And you all alone in the jungle
You in the wrong place, like you drowning
Where the piranha's go
You in the wrong place, like the reverand's last word
In the chair on death row

[Solomon Childs]
Color is burgundy, all over my apparrel
Like a hunter with bear's blood on a bow and arrow
Project wars, submit the dry blood
And I don't know what it is
I done been through so many Timb's
The in and out of jail bids, and from here on out
You cowards can't win, face it
Shit, you don't want death on your conscience
You don't wanna swing swords, regardless
Speak light, with that gladiator killer, one often
Before ya insides, start running down ya sides
Like faucets, or be known as the king
That walked out the coffins, Scarface, Charles Bronson portraitsSolomon Childs - You in the Wrong Place -
All over the fortress, souveneirs from the enemy's body
The smell'll leave you nautious


[Solomon Childs]
I don't know what it is, I wake up with war on my skull
When you eat in the hood, your razors get dull
I can't call it, I got Cacksaki correctional walls in my dreams
But still I can't stop the schemes, million dollar regimes
Imagine the taste of blood, when an alligator first taste it
Here's the sounds, coming live, from the gorilla cages
Full metal bulletproof jacket rages, I can't wait for the revolution
So I can start at the police stations
The toast at your little man's head
Shit, I love it when your wifey begs
I wan't money like cocaine kings
I mean business, gon' have me mail you ya general's legs

[Interlude: Solomon Childs]
Nigga, fuck is really good, what's really hood?
Theodore Unit, it's the movie, yo, Kay Slay
I told you, I had you, I told you, nigga

[Chorus 2X]

[Outro: Solomon Childs]
Holla at you, nigga, brat
East side nigga, where the gangstas ride
And a nigga...

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