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Todd Agnew - Need album
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Todd Agnew - Joy Unspeakable lyrics

I've found His grace is all complete
He supplies my every need
While I sit and learn at Jesus' feet
I am free, indeed
What kind of joy is this?
It's joy unspeakable
All You've done for me
It's indescribable
Just a taste of your glory
And it's unnatural
Not to tell the storyTodd Agnew - Joy Unspeakable -
Of all You've given me
My words are incomplete
It's joy unspeakable
I've found the pleasure I once craved
It's joy and peace within
What a wondrous blessing! I am saved
From the awful gulf of sin
I've found the joy no tongue can tell
How it's waves of glory roll
It's like an overflowing well
Springing up within my soul

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