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Kristian Stanfill - I Will Get By lyrics

Once again I wake up in the middle of my bed
Not knowing if I'm alive or dead
Was this all just a dream?
That I don't remember

I'm so glad I don't recall her curly hair
And her sweet little whispers in my ear
And all the nights we shared
I don't recall them at all

When she laid me down
Down on my bed and looked into my eyes
And said, I'll never let you fall

I will get by
I keep watching the sky
I keep driving my car
I don't care how far
I don't really care
I will get by
I keep believing the lieKristian Stanfill - I Will Get By -
I don't really recall
Nothing at all
I swear

When I'm out at night and see lovers holding hands
I never think of our first dance
When she cried when I said
I'm falling in love over here

And the very first time that we made love
And how the moon used to shine on her face from abive
And how she held me tight
I don't remember

And that touching her and holding her tiny little hands in mine
And comforting her ? when she felt small and scared

She will never see
The pain inside that it's causing me
Tell me my friend
Will this ever end?

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