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Kristian Stanfill - Living The Dream lyrics

I feel each breath you're taking
As I watch you fall asleep
I'm writing you this letter
For strength in time of need
When I'm not there

If you should ever feel small
- know I care
In your heart ? everywhere

When another day is dawning
I'm a thousand miles away
Remember what I told you
I promise I won't stray
I'll be right there

I'll be the sunshine
- the wind in your hairKristian Stanfill - Living The Dream -
Just whisper my name

You take me higher, babe
Higher than I've ever have been
You show me sides of life I've never seen
I'm living the dream

I know it won't be easy
I can't stop the rain
The waiting drives me crazy
But I still feel the same
I'll be right there

I'll be the fire that burns in your heart
You just whisper my name

You opened my eyes so I could see
Unraveled the mystery in me

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