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Kristian Stanfill - Too Far lyrics

Let me go
I can't take this pain no more
Let me go
Even though
I know I'll miss you so
Let me go

If you can't promise you'll be there
This is a waste of my time
There is nothing left to share

But you go babe
You and I
We've come too far
Much too far to be letting go
I know I failed you
I know I've done wrong
But we are connected
We are oneKristian Stanfill - Too Far -

I can feel
The love you say
Is not burning
I can feel it
I know it's there
But I need you to
Tell me the truth now babe
Do you care?

If you can't promise you'll be there
Then why am I wasting my time
And all that I can spare

In my darkest hour of despair
I need to know if you still care
Cause if you don't need me any more
Then let me go

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