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Kristian Stanfill - Where I'm Going lyrics

I came like a loser into this life
I can't explain it, cause I still don't know why
I never followed the rules of the game
I won't deny it, to me it all seems the same
And now it's time for me to see
That life never comes with any guaranties

Always felt like a user when I took what you gave
I tried to hide it, it never became the same
But I kept on going while the others turned
I tried to fight it, but I got burned
It's hard for me to finally see
The end is near, but after this I'm free

Where I'm goingKristian Stanfill - Where I'm Going -
You can't follow
But know I'll be waiting for you
Forever and a day

It won't be long now soon I must say goodbye
Can you see it, the fair in my eye?
How I wish I could stay here with you
I've tried to fight it, there's nothing more I can do
I know it's too late, but now I see
That life never comes with any guaranties

Where I'm headed
I won't be hollow
I will forever feel the same
My love for you will remain

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