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Kristian Stanfill - Where Are You Now lyrics

You told me that life
Never treated you right
You just couldn't take it
So you left me in the night
Without saying
Without saying where or when
Or if we would meet again
Make me understand

I know what it feels like
When everything is wrong
You're searching for answers
While you try to stay strong
But then, it's all just falling apart
It may not be much
But you'll always be
Here in my heart

But where are you now, my love?
Is it me you're thinking of?Kristian Stanfill - Where Are You Now -
I may never know
I'll come searching for you high and low

You told me that no one
Really cared about you
How can you say this
When you know it's not true?
Cause I
I love you with all of my heart
And that I have done from the start
Tell me what's tearing you apart

Believe in yourself now
No matter how far
Out open water
You might think you are
And you'll see
That you're everything you can be
And you will understand
That I'm here if you need a hand

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