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Kristian Stanfill - Somewhere Down The Line lyrics

I never really thought that I would fall for you
4000 miles away now what am I to do?
I never really thought I'd be the one to cry
Just look at my tears babe they don't lie
They say that time has it's own way of healing
Someone please explain to me this way
That I'm feeling
It seems like I see your face in every crowd
Last night I found myself on the floor
Screaming your name out loud

If somewhere down the line we'll meet again
I hope you'll still be smiling and shine
The way that only you know how
Just knowing that your somewhere out thereKristian Stanfill - Somewhere Down The Line -
Making someone else feel happy
Somehow it makes me weak inside

4 o'clock in the morning no sleep in sight
I'm so tired of everything
Right now nothing feels right
It doesn't help that everything around me
Reminds me of you
I see the sun rising
But no warmth is getting through

Somehow in a weird way
I'll always wish you well
I've gotten really good at hiding my tears
You'll never tell

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