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Luis Miguel

Delirio Lyrics English translation


Luis Miguel - Delirio

Si pudiera expresarte
Cómo es de inmenso
En el fondo de mi corazón
Mi amor por ti
Este amor delirante
Que abraza a mi alma
Es pasión que atormenta
A mi corazón
Siempre tú estás conmigoLuis Miguel - Delirio -
En mi tristeza, estás en mi alegría

Y en mi sufrir
Porque en ti se encierra toda mi vida
Si no estoy contigo mi bien
No soy feliz
Es pasión, delirio de estar contigo
Y yo soy dichoso mi bien
Porque me quieres también

English translation

Luis Miguel - Delirium (English translation)

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Caress my dream
With your gentle whisper
Of your sigh

How life laughs
If your black eyes
Want to look at me

Mine is the shelter
Of your soft laugh
That's like a song

She calms my woundLuis Miguel - Delirio -
And everything, everything is forgotten

The day you'll love me, that adorning rose
Will dress up for party with its best color
And will let the wind know that you're mine
And like crazy the fountains will tell their story

On the night you'll love me from the blue sky
The jealous stars will watch us go
And a mysterious ray will find shelter on your hair
Firefly will be curious to see

That you're my ...consolation

Thank you so much

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