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  • Daniel John Muckala
  • Jason Ingram
  • Bart Millard
  • Jim Bryson
  • Nathan Cochran
  • Barry Graul
  • Mike Scheuchzer
  • Robby Shaffer
  • christian
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Mercyme - Only You Remain lyrics

"Only You Remain"

[Verse 1:]
Only One never having a beginning
Only One who reigns when everything is ending
High above
Glorious and true

We sing, Holy, the only uncreated One
Holy, the Light that was before the sun
You shine
And even when the stars have left the sky

You remain
Even when the earth is shakenMercyme - Only You Remain -
You remain
Even when our kings have fallen
Every mountain standing tall will crash into the sea
You were, You are, You will be
Only You remain

[Verse 2:]
Only One who stood before the universe
Only One authored life with just a word
Lord of all
There is none like You

Forever the same
(You remain)

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