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Shane & Shane - This Is Who I Am lyrics

THIS IS WHO I AM- - Shane & Shane ( Everything is Different)

I am a new creation, The old has passed away
And I'm made new, I'm made new,
And I have been adopted,
the door has opened up for me
To know You and be like You

CHORUS: This is who I am,
I've been born again,
The cross is my defense, My hope secure.
Now my life is in Your hand,
On Your every word I stand,
Lord, I'm finding who I am, In all You are.

When my heart condemns me,
Tells me I am guiltyShane & Shane - This Is Who I Am -
You're greater, You're greater
Jesus, You have searched me,
And even in Your finding
You have loved me and You love me


For He made Him, Who knew no sin to be sin
On our behalf was crucified
Oh, that we could be the righteousness,
Of our Creator
I am a new creation,
The old is passed away,
And I am made new, I'm made new


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