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The Strokes - Different Town lyrics


The Poopsmith he could talk
(Poopsmith: hello)

and Marzipan would rock
(Marzipan: half second guitar solo)

and the stick would be this big ol' tree that try to eat everyone except The Cheat and Me
(Strong Mad: and me!)
(Strong Bad: we'll see)

and The King of Town would be underground in a box filled up with peas.
(King of Town: I hate peas!)
(Strong Bad: I know!)

Bubs would give away flamethrowers that shoot chocolate hundred-dollar-billsThe Strokes - Different Town -
(Bubs: immatation chocolate)

and my stupid baby brother would've been born with horns and a tail
(Strong Sad: I'm evil)

Coach Z would wear his cool jacket
(Coach Z: Check it out yo!)

and Homestar just couldn't hack it
(Homestar: I QUIT!)

and Pom-Pom wouldn't change at all 'cept he'd look like an ABA basketball

and this little weirdo would be a modestly hot girl to help me through the hard times
you know the kind that are only sorta hot so they don't mess arround with other guys
(Homsar: daaaaah, i'm forever your girl

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