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The Strokes - Diffrent Town lyrics

weeeeeeeeeell the poopsmith he could talk (hello)
and marzipan would rock
and the stick would be this big ol' tree that would try to eat everyone but the cheat and me (and me)
we'll see
and the king of town would be under ground in a box filled up with peas (i hate peas)
i know
and bubs would sell flamethrowers that shot chololate hundred dollar bills (imatation chololate)The Strokes - Diffrent Town -
and my stupied baby brother, would have been born with horns and a tail (i'm evil)
and coach z would would wear the school jacket (check it out yo)
and homestar just couldn't hack it (i quit)
and pom-pom wouldn't change at all, but he would look like an ABA basketball
and this little weirdo, would be a modestly hot girl, to help me through the hard times
you know the kind that are kinda sorta hot so they don't mess around with other guys
(i'm forever your girl)

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