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Brandon Heath - Listen Up lyrics

Listen Up, Listen Up, I'm talking
Listen Up, Listen Up, I'm listening now
Listen Up, Listen Up, I'm speaking

Why are you crying
Did I say something wrong
Were'nt we just talking
Tell me what's going on

Cause I'm pretty sure my intentions
Were nothing more than conversation
Maybe you just needed someone
To listen to your heart

Maybe I spoke too soon
Maybe I said too much
Now that my face is blue
Think it's time I listen up

I've already said enough
Brandon Heath - Listen Up -
[Listen up, Listen up]

Sometimes I do this
Thing is I'm so afraid
When it get's quiet
What you might have to say

Cause I'm guilty of
I'm lost in my
Own translation
I apologize, I know I
Should listen to your heart


There isn't anything that I could say
Not a word to get in the way
Of you, Of You, I am listening

Chorus 2x

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