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Nancy Ajram

Aid Milad said Lyrics English translation


Nancy Ajram - Aid Milad said

3ed melad el lela men 3ed melad el nona
hanfar7 set el 7elwen we neshelha fe 3yona
han7yeha heh we nter beha heh we ne7'leha te3'any ma3na
netmanlha kol amlah tet7a2a2 we t3esh far7na
sara we yara we gedo ma3hom far7ethm la mesh say3ahomNancy Ajram - Aid Milad said -
we ady sa7bta we bent 7'aletha gayben ward we torta ma3ahom
ar7a kepera we lama we lela han2ed sham3a gededa el lela
we ne3'anelk we hand3elk baba we mama we kol el 3ela

English translation

Nancy Ajram - Aid el milad said (English translation)

whose birthday today?it's the birthday of the little girl
we'll make the most beautiful one happy and we'll keep her in our eyes
we'll greet her ,and we'll fly with her and we'll make her sing with us
we'll wish for her all her hopes to come true ans that she lives happyNancy Ajram - Aid Milad said -
sara and yara and your grandfather are very happy
and here are her friend and her cousin bringing roses and cake with them
a great joy and when tonight we en light a new candle
and we sing to you and we pray for you ,your father and mother and all th family

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