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Lalah Hathaway - All Alone lyrics

The sound of silence scares me
I close my eyes and hold my breath
As I hide in the gloom to escape the certain death
No one is left to she'd a tear
All are gone except the one I fear

I fear my fate is sealed
It feeds upon the fear I feel

It's breath upon my neck
The time has come, screams won't help me now
The safety of light yet so far away
It's dragging my life, my soul deeper
Dragging me down into eternityLalah Hathaway - All Alone -


The Reaper's dice has been thrown
Still I'm afraid to face the unknown

Reality's dim, dimensions twist
Time stands still, yet eons pass me by
Logic is no more, my sanity fades
Trapped in this nothingness, never to die

[Solo: Micke, Halvar]

All alone...

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