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Lalah Hathaway - Save Myself lyrics

Sometimes I wish that you could see
The way you look at me
If you only saw things through my eyes
Would you finally understand
Or just like grains of sand
Would it slip right through our hands
Time will keep moving on and on

I don't wanna lose you
But maybe I might have to
It's all I really can do
To save myself
Is this what it's come to
Deep inside we both knew
The day would come I'd have toLalah Hathaway - Save Myself -
Save myself

Love that lifts you up I've found
Can also wear you down
If you could only hear my prayer
I tried to fly without my wings
But there's so many things
That were left up in the air
Time will keep moving on and on

You reach a point in life
You have to decide
Between what you want
And what you need to survive

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