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Lalah Hathaway - Dying To Live lyrics

Industries increase, but the fucking air can't breath.
Nuclear waste, we'll die of cancer in radiation disease.
Forests slaughtered, manipulate the laws of nature.
The ozone disappears, the day of cremation is drawing near.

Indulgence, pride our welfare increase
Polluted skies but is it as good as it seems?
Children cry Is it worth the price we pay?
Life dies to put the human race away
Lalah Hathaway - Dying To Live -
Once bright in colours now black and grey
Mother earth is dying, writing in pain
We've perfected the art of taking but forgot how to give
Now what's the use of crying we're dying... to live

Who can we trust? Is no one on there own side?
Political coruption, bankaccounts twist their mind
The quest for life, we can't find our holy graal
It's up to us, this task we can not fail

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