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Lalah Hathaway - My Best Nightmare lyrics

So this is life?
So this is where I'm supposed to be?
Feels like I've locked myself in a cage
And thrown away the key

Can this be for real?
Or is it as unreal as it seems?
Won't someone wake me up from this
Killing, painful dream

I am a hollow man
I live in nightmareland
In my life, I am led astray
Everything crumbles away
At the touch of my handLalah Hathaway - My Best Nightmare -

[Solo: Micke, Halvar]

I cannot sleep at night
Your nails infest my bed
The shreds of my best nightmare
Still circle in my head

Like someone really cared
Like someone still believes
There is no absolution
No way to cleanse my sin
Just another pointless void
On my way to infinity


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