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Lalah Hathaway - Memories lyrics

Sitting here like I've done before
Crying for my desperate soul
Trying to find the words but nothing's left
If this is what it's for
Live this life, an empty hole
Be born, to be born
What is the meaning?

The mournful whisperings on the field of the dead
They have so much to tell me, so much is unsaid
I held your hands when I begged you to stay
You closed your eyes as you passed away

Oh, memories

When you died my body cried
MemoriesLalah Hathaway - Memories -
But inside I know you're in paradise

I thought I heard you call out my name
But it might have been the wind
To me we're all the same
One of these nights when pain overwhelms me
I'll come to you for all eternity

Oh, I'll be free


[Solo: Micke]

Sitting here...


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