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Lalah Hathaway - Gates Of Everbe lyrics

The bones of the past brought back to life by evil fed
On the longest day of pain bring forth the spirits of the dead
Gather in darkness, when they are crossed the candles fade
That which was borrowed must be repaid

All the dreams you buy
(At the Gates of Everbe)
Where the crows lie

Scream in vane, man of shame
Bleeding the way that Christ didLalah Hathaway - Gates Of Everbe -
You're not Him, no second sight
You'll always see the dark, not the resurrecting light

[Solo: Halvar]

April night, deceitfully cold, embracing light
Feel his thorns, painful nails although his might
The cries of shame as the Saviour fades
The sins of us all must be repaid


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