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Lalah Hathaway - Beautiful You lyrics

There was a time when I thought love was just a fairy tale
Tearful nights, an empty soul, and no one to call my own
Then came you who changed my life
Now I know that love is a beautiful thing

Beautiful you
Strong and true
I love you
Beautiful you
Tried and true
I love you
Beautiful you

I lost my smile and found loneliness and heartache all at once
I'm worn into the image of myself alone with no one like you
'cause of you love brought me back my smileLalah Hathaway - Beautiful You -
Now you know that my love is forever yours


When I had pain you came and made it alright, ohhh
When I cry you dry my tears

Beautiful you
Strong and true
Beautiful you, oh baby
Beautiful you
Tried and true, yeah

Chorus 2x

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