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Lalah Hathaway - Doing Just Fine lyrics

It's been a long long time
So many heart aches and tears ago
It was the darkest night
I never dreamed you'd really go
And leave us like you did
Oh I wish I could... forget

I still remember that time
When you walked on out of my life
And you didn't even look behind
When you left us in a world
That was so unjust and so unkind
And if I ever cross your mind
I want you to know, I want you to know
Hey! (hey! ) I'm doing just fine
I'm doing just fine
I'm doing just fine... on my own!
Since you been goneLalah Hathaway - Doing Just Fine -

On my 16th birthday
Like all the others you weren't there
This feeling never goes
It's like my shadow everywhere
Oh these memories always stay
And I wish they would... just fade away


Yeah I'll be alright!
How do you live your new life
What makes you think it was right
How do you sleep at night
When you've done what you've done
And you can't undo what you've done to me!
You've made me see...

My mom's love saved me... [repeat]

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