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Abous rohak Lyrics English translation


Kazem Al-Saher - Abous rohak

ابوس قلبك
i kiss your heart ابوس قلبك خلي قلبك صافي
(here when he say i kiss you heart it's like he says "i'm begging you") لو فعلاً تحبني وتريد نصافي
if you really love me and want to be fair to me
khaleek tayyib ya 3asal ya safi
لك صفي نيتك روحي لاجلك فدوه
clean your inention(have good intention) my soul is a sacrifice for you ابوس روحك
ابوس روحك لا تروح لحالك
i kiss your soul(i'm begging you) don't leave on your own ملهوفه روحي وحالي يشبه حالك
my soul is exited and my state is like your state بهذا الهجر منهو عليّ اوحالك؟Kazem Al-Saher - Abous rohak - http://motolyrics.com/kazem-al-saher/abous-rohak-lyrics-english-translation.html
who gave you inspiration to leave me?
ma3goola tensa ayyam hobbina el helwa?
ابوس عينك
i kiss your eye
abous 3inak yalli 3inak 3ini
راعيتك تمنيتك تراعيني
i was good with you i hoped that you'd be good to me too لو تعطش اشرب ياحلو من عيني
if you get thirsty drink from my eye oh sweety
arweek biyaddi el may yehla we yeswa ابوس قلبك ابوس روحك ابوس عينك
i kiss your heart i kiss your soul i kiss your eyes

English translation

Kazem Al-Saher - Abous rohak (English translation)

abous 9albak

i kiss your heart ,keep your heart clean

law fe3lan thebni we trid nisafi
خليك طيب ياعسل ياصافي
stay good oh pure honey
lak saffi nitak rouhi li ajlek fadwa

i kiss your soul
abous rohak la trouh lahalak

malhoofa ruhy we hali yeshbah halak

bi hadha el hajr menhou 3alayya awhalak
معقوله تنسى ايام حبنا الحلوه
is it possible that you forget the nice days of our loveKazem Al-Saher - Abous rohak - http://motolyrics.com/kazem-al-saher/abous-rohak-lyrics-english-translation.html
abous 3inak
ابوس عينك ياللي عينك عيني
i kiss your eyes(i'm begging you) oh the one that has my eyes
ra3itak tmannitk tera3ini

law te3tash eshrab ya helou men 3ini
ارويك بيدي الماي يحلى ويسوه
i water you with my hands the water gets sweet

abous 9albak abous rouhak abous 3inik

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