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Ashkik limin Lyrics English translation


Kazem Al-Saher - Ashkik limin

أشكيك لمين
يشعر بقلبي اللي أنظلم وياك سنين
أشكيك لمين و الخصم أنت والحكم
أنا شكوتي منك إليك
وفرحتي ودمعي في أيديك
وإن كان ضميرك نفسه ما بيقدر عليك
أشكيك لمين؟؟؟
أشكيك لمين وأنت الحبيب
وأقرب لي من أقرب قريب
أي إنسان مهمن كان! مهما كان! بعدك غريب
أنا أدراي دموعي وأضحك لكKazem Al-Saher - Ashkik limin - http://motolyrics.com/kazem-al-saher/ashkik-limin-lyrics-english-translation.html
أنا دمعي عزيز ويرخص لك
عشانك عشان تتهنّا
من ناري أعملك جنة
عايز أيه أكبر من كدا قلب
عايز أيه أكتر من كدا حب
يا ريت قلبي يكون قاسي عشان يقدر يفوت حبك
وأعيش زيك سعيد ناسي ولا أسألش على قلبك
لقيت عينيه عليك تبكي تقولي أصلو ما يهونش
وحتى روحي تخاصمني وقلبي يقول ما تظلمشي
وعشت أسير لأحساسي وأقول يمكن يلين قلبك
أحس النار بأنفاسي ودا كله ومش عاجبك؟؟

English translation

Kazem Al-Saher - To Whom would i complain about you (English translation)

To whom would i complain about you ?
so can feel the pain of my unjustified heart for years
To whom would i complain?, and you are "the prosecutor" and you are "the judge"!
So my complain is about you & it's to you
like my Happiness or sadness, they are all up to you, all in your hands.
but what can i say, if you even can't hear your conscious ?....so
To whom would i complain about you?
To whom would i complain, & you are the lover, and closer than any other?
Any Human whoever would be, no matter how close, still a stranger compare to you.
I used to hide my complains, tears & pain and smile back to you
my tears are precious ,but they are cheap it will make you happy.
from my sorrow & pain like hell, i gave you the paradise & heaven.Kazem Al-Saher - Ashkik limin - http://motolyrics.com/kazem-al-saher/ashkik-limin-lyrics-english-translation.html
What else do you wish for, more than that? after i gave my big heart & this great love?
I wish My heart is strong enough so i would be able forget you & move on,
I wish i can live, just like you, happy without you beside me,
But my eyes still tearing for your longing,
my soul went against me
& my heart cant go on with out you
and they are telling me that i can't forget you.
so here I'm now living as prisoner to my own feelings
convincing myself that your heart may soften one day & you come back to me,
so here i,m now feeling the fire & the burning in my soul,
and all of that & you don't care & you don't know.

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