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Kazem Al-Saher - Mennu ent

من انت وتسرح في قلبي .. وبين عيوني ليل ونهار
منو انت وشاغل تفكيري ..وشاعل بين ضلوعي النار يمكن انت اللي تسعدني .. ويمكن انت اللي تهنيني
ويمكن انت اللي تظلمني .. اللي تعذبني اللي تبكيني يا ويلي ويلي يا ويلي
يا طول ليلي ويا ويلي منو انت ؟!Kazem Al-Saher - Mennu ent - http://motolyrics.com/kazem-al-saher/mennu-ent-lyrics-english-translation.html
ابعد نظراتك عن عيني .. صرت أخجل من ضعفي أمامك
لا يا عمري تعال احضني .. دوخني وجنني وراك أتمنى أدخل داخل قلبك .. واعرف كيف يفكر بيا
ليت يحبني مثل ما احبه .. يا اقرب من روحي عليا

English translation

Kazem Al-Saher - who are you? (English translation)

who are you walking freely in my heart... in my eyes night and day
who are you, you took my mind... and you lightened a fire between my ribs (fire of love)

maybe it's you who make me happy.. and maybe it's you who gratulate me
and maybe it's you who injures me.. who torture me.. who aggrieve me

woe unto me ..
how long is my night.. woe unto me

who are youKazem Al-Saher - Mennu ent - http://motolyrics.com/kazem-al-saher/mennu-ent-lyrics-english-translation.html
move your eyes aside your looks from my eyes.. i became shame of my weakness infront of you
no my life..come and hug me.. make me dizzy.. made me crazy looking for you

i wish i go inside your heart and know how does it think of me
i wish it loves me as i love it... oh you are the one who is closer to me more than my soul

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