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Kazem Al-Saher

Mashi beshare3 Lyrics English translation


Kazem Al-Saher - Mashi beshare3

ماشي بشارع بالي خالي من البشر
بس انا وحدي والمظلة والمطر
حبي الحقيبة والدفاتر والصور
الشمس غابت و ريح تلعب بالشجر
وفجأة اسمع صوت خطوة
تجري تجري باتجاهي
والتفت وشفت حلوة
حلوة ثارت انتباهي
قالت بكل ادبKazem Al-Saher - Mashi beshare3 - http://motolyrics.com/kazem-al-saher/mashi-beshare3-lyrics-english-translation.html
تسمح احتمي تحت المظلة
واحتمت جنبي يا عيني
بكل براءة تحسها طفلة
وابتدت قصة جميلة
صدفة حلوة وهي أحلى
ألف بوسة يا مطر
يا مظلة ويا قدر
ماشي ...

English translation

Kazem Al-Saher - Mashi beshare3 (English translation)

walking in the street, and my mind is free of all people
only me and umbrella and the rain
my love is the bag, and notepads and the pictures
the sun has set and the wind's playing with the trees
and all of sudden I hear foot steps
walking walking in my direction
and i turned around and saw a pretty girl ..
pretty girl that got my attention
politely she saidKazem Al-Saher - Mashi beshare3 - http://motolyrics.com/kazem-al-saher/mashi-beshare3-lyrics-english-translation.html
do you mind if i stand under your umbrella
and she stood next to me , oh lord
with all the innocence, you'd think she's a baby
and we started a beautiful story
nice coincidence
thank you rain
and umbrella, and the destiny

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