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Al-rou3at wal-nar Lyrics English translation


Kazem Al-Saher - Al-rou3at wal-nar

طعمُ الفراتِ مُرٌّ من حيثما تدفقت مياهُهُ وحيثما يمر
The taste of firat is bitter from wherever it's water flowed والوطن المجروح من جراحه يُساق نحو قبر
And the wounded country is irrigated toward tomb (death) وللعراق دمعه وشمعه وليس سراً أن للعراق سِر
Iraq has her tear and her candle ,and its not secret that iraq has secret تمزَّقت أشلاءه ومائه نهرٌ يشق نهر
Her carnage had been torn ,and her water ,river flawing river أعربٌ نحن؟ وفى عراقنا للموت نصل غدر
Are we arabs? and in our iraq theres a disloyalty point أعربٌ نحن؟ ومن عراقنا الأنباء لا تسر
Are we arabs? And in our iraq the news is not gratifying والحرب فى قانونها كرٌّ يليه فر
And the war in her law is attack followed by another attack والغدر فى قانونِهِ أن يستحيل نصر
And the disloyalty in his law is to make the victory to be impossible وبين أقطاب الرحى الدمار يستمر
Between the poles of quern the destruction will continue والمشهد الأسود كم يقطعه صبحاً آذان فجر
And the black scene would be interrupted by the morning (call to prayer) يا أيها الطامع فى عراقنا هلاَّ وجدت عُذر؟Kazem Al-Saher - Al-rou3at wal-nar - http://motolyrics.com/kazem-al-saher/al-rou3at-wal-nar-lyrics-english-translation.html
Oh you, greedy for our iraq ,did you find an excuse for that? يا أيها الواله فى دمائنا إن الصدور كُثر
Oh you ,who distracted for our blood ,the chests are a lot (it means we have a lot of people) يا أيها الجاهل ما أسمائنا إن الجباه سُمر
Oh you ,ignorant ,whats our names! our forehead is brown حاك الجراد فى عراقنا للناس ثوب فقر
The locust tailored for our people a poverty clothes بلا دليلٍ هاجموا وللشعوب صبر
Without evidence they attacked ,and the nations have patience وللقوى لو طغى نهايةٌ وللظلام عمر
And theres an end for the tyrant force ,and theres a limited age for the darkness .....(means: the darkness and disloyalty never continue forever) قد علَّم التاريخ من يقرأه أن لا يدوم قهر
The history taught who is reading it ,that the sadness will never subsist وعلَّم التاريخ من يكتبه أن الحروف حُمر
And the history taught who is writing it ,that the letters are red عراقُ يا منارة المجد الذى استقر
Iraq ,you are the beacon of glory which settled نحتاج فى تاريخنا يوماً كيومِ بدر
We need in our history for a day like (badr)'s day يعلم الجاثم فوق صدرنا أن العراق حر
The perching over our chest knows that Iraq is free

English translation

Kazem Al-Saher - Al-rou3at wal-nar (English translation)

Ta3mol forati mor min 7aithoma tadafaqat miyahoho wa 7aithoma yamor

Wal watanol majrou7o min jira7ihi yosaqo na7wa qabr

Wa lil 3iraqi dam3oho wa sham3oho wa laisa sirran ana lil 3iraqi sir

Tamazzaqat ashla2oho wa ma2oho nahron yashoqo nahr

A3rabon na7no wa fi 3iraqina lil maowti naslo ghadr

A3rabon na7no wa min 3iraqina al anba2o la tasor

Wal 7arbo fi qanoniha karron yalihi far

Wal ghadro fi qanonihi an yasta7eela nasr

Wa baina aqtabil ra7a al damaro yastamir

Wal mashhadol aswado kam yaqta3oho sob7an athano fajr

Ya aiyohal tami3o fi 3iraqina halla wajadta 3othr

Ya aiyohal waliho fi dima2ina inal sdora kothr

Ya aiyohal jahilo ma asma2ona in al jibaha somr

7akal jarado fi 3iraqina lil nasi thaowba faqr

Bila dalil hajamo wa lil sh3oubi sabr

Wa lil qaowi law tagha nihaia wa lil thalami 3omr

Qad 3allama al tarikho man yaqra2oho an la yadoma qahr

Wa 3allama al tarikha man yaktobho anal 7oroufa 7omr

3iraq ya manaratal majdi allathi istaqar

Na7tajo fi tarikhina yaowman ka yaowmi badrKazem Al-Saher - Al-rou3at wal-nar - http://motolyrics.com/kazem-al-saher/al-rou3at-wal-nar-lyrics-english-translation.html
(badr is the name of the first war in islam)

Yo3alimol jathima faowqa sadrina anal 3iraqa 7or

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