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Kazem Al-Saher - Ha Habiby

ها حبيبي مو على بعضك احسك ها حبيبي لخاطري لا تأذي نفسك من زعلك ؟؟ انته .. مني تزعل ؟ لك والله زعل الدنيا كلها
ولا مكروه يمسك .. حبيبي (here he wants to say that all the world being angry is better than his beloved get harmed ) ابتسم هدي اعصابك خلي راسك بين ايديا وخذ بوسه صلح مني كافي تتدلل عليا ادلل عليا ادلل.. ادلل عليا ياهبه ربي من السما واجمل هديه راح للعشره اعدلك .. واحد .. عشره ..Kazem Al-Saher - Ha Habiby - http://motolyrics.com/kazem-al-saher/ha-habiby-lyrics-english-translation.html
(here he means i'll give you a spare of time like in the game when all the kids go and hide and one kide closes his eyes and count to ten so that the other kids have the time to hide understood?) شو تعال بوسني كم مره ابوسك حبيبي بيدي امشط لك حبيبي وامس دموعك بيديا اه منك من جمالك حتى دمعك جاذبيه (the other is already translated) ياهبه ربي من السما واجمل هديه راح للعشره اعدلك .. واحد .. عشره

English translation

Kazem Al-Saher - Ha Habiby (English translation)

oh my beloved i do can feel you ,all of you

oh my beloved for my sake don't harm yourself

who made you angry? you can get angry with me?

i swear of god the anger of all the worldKazem Al-Saher - Ha Habiby - http://motolyrics.com/kazem-al-saher/ha-habiby-lyrics-english-translation.html
and no harm touches you

smile,ease your nerves,let your head between my hands

and take this kiss from me to make up ,stop being spoiled

be spoiled ,spoil yourself on me

oh god's gift from above and the most beautiful present

i'l count to tenn...one..ten

what?come and kiss me ,how many time i kiss you my beloved

with my own i comb your hair and wash away your tears

ah how beautiful you are even your tear is attractive

ادلل عليا ادلل.. ادلل عليا

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