Kazem Al-Saher
Kazem Al-Saher

Sghayer Lyrics English translation


Kazem Al-Saher - Sghayer

صغير وملعب
وعلى قلبي يلعب
خلينا نروح يا بابا
أنا خايف منه
ابعدني عنه
نسلم عالروح يا بابا
ينزل دمعاته
أبوس خديداته
حلوة حركاته يا باباKazem Al-Saher - Sghayer - http://motolyrics.com/kazem-al-saher/sghayer-lyrics-english-translation.html
لما أتقرب
يغمزلي ويهرب
انجن و أتعصب يا بابا
جنبي ويتمشى
ويغمزلي برمشه
يحارشني حرشة يا بابا
وأنا قلبي حنين
وبسرعة يأمن
وهذا ما يطمن يا بابا

English translation

Kazem Al-Saher - Sghayer (English translation)

little and playful
and plays with my heart
let's go dad
I'm afraid from him
take me away from him
May your soul be with me baba (kinda not good translation but in general it's like that)

tears go down his face
I kiss his cheeksKazem Al-Saher - Sghayer - http://motolyrics.com/kazem-al-saher/sghayer-lyrics-english-translation.html
his moves are sweet dad

when I come close
he winks to me and runs away
I get crazy and mad dad

beside me he walks
and he winks at me with his lash
he provokes me dad

and my heart is good
and it gets comfortable (or feels good about others) quickly
and that isn't a comfort oh dad

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